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Vintage Walborg chain link purse in the prettiest shade of red and in mint condition, I paid a little over $20.00. I love it!!!

Department store designer handbags are nice and all but... (kind of Stepford Wife-ish). I will never understand why women spend hundreds of dollars to look like everyone else when they can search their local thrift store or online and find something beautiful, well made and unique for a fraction of the price. 

Survival Tactics

I'm good for about 20 minutes of pretending that a person doesn't get on my nerves or that they're not horrible. After that my game face disappears and I shut them out. It's a survival tactic, kind of like when an animal curls up in a ball to camouflage itself... Only, in this instance, it's for their safety - not mine

S invited me to help decorate her work office for Christmas, she lured me in with offerings of free drinks and made it sound fun. She lied. There were three other women pitching in as well and all three were that superficial type of nice that Southern women do so well.... I lasted roughly 2 hours before I made an excuse to leave (30 minutes in I was sending L SOS texts - she seemed to think this was funny... I love my friends). 

In other news, J gets back from North Carolina tonight (I have a house to clean and a dinner to prepare before he arrives). I noted that he sent me the obligatory stiff good morning / good night texts  (to which I replied in kind) and has only called me once since Monday. Even worse, I'm not really bothered by it, at least not in the way that I should be. I love this man, I really do, but I need a little passion. 

Design Crush: DIY Advent Calendars

Photos via Pinterest

We always pick up those little German advent calendars with chocolates, they're great and all but I like the idea of making my own. You could go as simple or complex as you want (I'm partial to the minimalistic Scandinavian designs). You could fill the compartments with candies, little gifts, positive words or IOU's. I'm thinking about making one for J, which I better get started on because December is 2 days away. 

Monday: Embrace Your Inner Jessica

Jessica came up with the mac daddy of positive mantras... Not sure my bathroom sink would support me standing on it (not really wanting to find out, either) but I kind of love the idea of singing to your reflection about how awesome life is. 

J left early this morning to go to North Carolina for work. I miss him (a lot) when he's gone but I also enjoy my alone time. The next three days will be spent mentally re-grouping (when you live with someone it's easy for your energy to become scattered), doing a massive head to toe primping session (hello hot wax) and *attempting* to do a cleanse. I make no promises once 4 PM hits. 

“My whole house is great. I can do anything good. I like my school. I like anything. I like my dad. I like my cousins. I like my aunts. I like my Allisons. I like my moms. I like my sisters. … I like my hair. I like my haircuts. I like my pajamas. I like my stuff. I like my room. I like my whole house. My whole house is great. I can do anything good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I can do anything good, better than anyone!”


*Photo via We Heart It

Things I'm grateful for this week:

Secret societies.

A day spent laying in bed watching all 4 seasons of Gilmore Girls (omg, I cried. A lot.)

Black Friday online sales. I picked up the cutest vintage red purse and sterling silver dogwood earrings, all while remaining in my sloth like state.

Friends and family that bring wine to holiday gatherings.

Vega chocolate protein shakes. After eating and drinking to the point where all I could do was lay fetal position on the couch, I kind of want to take a break from solid foods. 

Beauty marks. It's amazing how one tiny dot on the face or neck can make a woman so alluring.

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